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Arctic Surface Foundation© ready for installation of SIPS floor panels.<br><em>Photo courtesy of Dowland Construction Inc.</em>Completed Scout Readiness Center on an Arctic Surface Foundation©<br><em>Photo courtesy of Dowland Construction Inc.</em>Initial assembly of the Arctic Surface Foundation© on rigid insulation.<br><em>Photo courtesy of Dowland Construction Inc.</em>Lightweight jacking equipment for initial and periodic leveling of the Arctic Surface Foundation©.   <em>Photo courtesy of Dowland Construction Inc.</em>Foundation bearing pads require no site improvement.<br><em>Photo courtesy of Dowland Construction Inc.</em>Assembly of the Arctic Surface Foundation© on un-improved tundra.<br><em>Photo courtesy of Dowland Construction Inc.</em>Periodic monitoring and adjustment of the bearing pads of the Arctic Surface Foundation© is required. <em>Photo courtesy of Dowland Construction Inc.</em>

Arctic Surface Foundation©

Arctic Surface Foundation
The Arctic Surface Foundation© is a foundation system intended for small to moderate sized buildings , modules, or equipment skids in remote arctic locations where seasonal and long-term ground movements are possible, and other measures to obtain and maintain a serviceable foundation system are less economical or practical. The system may be placed directly upon arctic tundra, when gravel is not available, with only minor leveling of tussocks under each bearing pad.

The system is an integration of:
Arctic Surface Foundation

  • Steel trusses spanning one direction (normally the short plan dimension
  • Large diameter torque tubes in the opposing direction, to resist the effects of differential ground settlement/heaving on warping the supporting top bearing-plane of the foundation
  • Foundation bearing pads with a means of load adjustment of the individual pads
  • Provision for attachment of various floor or superstructure types

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The Arctic Surface Foundation© 2003, with its integration of features and details described herein is an innovative foundation design concept, and as such, is the intellectual property of Mark D. Anderson, consulting engineer. Mark D. Anderson, consulting engineer retains all common law, statutory, and other reserved rights, including the copyright and the patent rights thereto.